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Instr() function is used to return the position of a substring in a string.

The syntax for the InStr function is:

InStr( [start], string_being_searched, string2, [compare] )

start is optional. It is the starting position for the search. If this parameter is omitted, the search will begin at position 1.

string_being_searched is the string that will be searched.

string2 is the string to search for.

compare is optional. This is the type of comparison to perform. The valid choices are:

  • vbUseCompareOption
  • vbBinaryCompare
  • vbTextCompare
  • vbDatabaseCompare



InStr(1, "My excel example", "ex")

The above example would return 10.



myPosition = InStr(1, "My excel example", "ex")

In the above example, myPosition will now contain the value 10.

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