Quality - CMMI Processes for Software Testing

CMMI models are collections of best practices that you can compare to an organization's best practices and guide improvement to the processes. In this article, let us talk about the key checklists to...

Quality - Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

APQP or Advanced Product Quality Planning is a quality framework developed by a commission of experts gathered from Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. This framework is used by Organizations for devel...

Quality - Just In Time (JIT)

The purpose of any Business is Profit and a commensurate Return on Investment (ROI). An industry thrives in a market by offering goods or services and while doing so sees to it that its turnover and p...

Words in Pocket - Symmathesy

Squabble Explanation:   An entity composed by contextual mutual learning through interaction.  To interact within multiple variables to produce a mutual learning context.

Linux - How to count total number of occurrences of a string in a file?

Linux - How to count total number of occurrences of a string in a file? The following command counts and displays the total number of occurrences of teh string 'string' in the file 'filename'. ...

Python - Pandas - Viewing entire Pandas output in PyCharm Output window

When we use Python Pandas library in PyCharm, some times we may not be able to see the entire output in the PyCharm output window. Pycharm uses the ... notation and displays fewer columns.

Now, there’s a package available for django – MongoDB connectivity. It is precisely named as djongo (Since it connects django and MongoDB). Here’s the step by step guide for using djongo with django....

Five Minutes Technology - Python – Module 01 - Introduction

Python is a very easy to learn, high-level, interpreted, and dynamic programming language.  Easy to learn – Because the syntax is very simple and a lot of functionality can be achieved with few lines...

Question # 01: When it comes to selecting my choice, should I stand out or take up the tried and tested route?

Issue: After customizing (Adding or removing menu items) User defined menu, when the user logs out and log-in, the customization is lost.

If the LIMS application is accessed through Citrix, there might be difficulties in installing or upgrading Microsoft Access Databases (*.mdb).   Issue: Even after creating a ODBC connection in the ...

Words in Pocket - Squabble

Squabble Explanation:   Arguing continuously over a small matter. A petty quarrel Argue over something silly

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