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Social media and Managers – Can you be friends with your team members or employees?

Social media has rocked the world. Sites like Facebook lets us all stay in touch with our friends, relatives and colleagues.

But what is the limit of this ‘staying in touch’?

As a manager or an entrepreneur is it ok to be friends with your team members or Employees?

Social media

Answer is very simple! It all depends on your culture.

Some people prefer to separate their work and personal life. In this case it is better for you not to have your team members as your friends in social media sites.

In small companies, employer - employees socialize as relatives. In that scenario adding your colleagues in your social media profile, makes very much sense.

How to say NO?

Hanging out with your team members or employees in social Medias many times makes things inconvenient for you.

If you prefer to maintain a professional distance, then you can tell your team members / employees that you prefer professional social networks like LinkedIn to socialize with co-workers.

Another option for you is to utilize the groups or lists concept in those social media sites. You can create a separate list for your team members and share only appropriate content with them.

In this digitalized world, the whole world is watching and following us!!! It’s important that we are vigilant and take control of our lives rather than letting the social media sites taking control of us.

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