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Internet Neutrality and Small Business

Neutral Internet


In neutral internet (the open internet we have today), Internet service providers (ISPs) distribute the information we send and receive.

These ISPs act neutral and their own preference will not hinder our information in any way. So all the traffic is treated equally.



In a non-neutral internet ISPs can charge extra fee for preferential treatment. For example, ISPs can get money from companies like Facebook or Amazon and deliver their content fast.

Big corporates can afford this extra charge as this preferential treatment will benefit them in a huge scale.

But this will be doom for small companies and individuals.



In a neutral internet everyone has a chance to compete equally. So everyone also has equal chance to succeed.

In a non-neutral internet, things change drastically.

Everyone can’t compete at the same level.

A small business is left to compete in a very smaller market i.e. a company that sells roses can’t sell it to anyone with internet connection. But they can only sell it to people who has opted for the internet plan that includes this rose business also.



From consumer perspective, the scenario will be like, pay more to get more options… if you prefer economical package, then your options are limited.

So ideally, common people will be forced to pay more money to get access to different content and service.


Many ISPs are trying to convert internet into this non-neutral tiered service. But many neutral observers are opposing it.

Let us hope that the free and open neutral internet will stay for the benefit of everyone.

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