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This article walks through the concept of Online Advertisement.

Online Advertisement

Introduction to Online Advertisement

An advertisement promoted through internet to hit consumers is a form of Online Advertisement.

It includes both a publisher who convert an advertisement into an online content and an advertiser who provides an advertisement. Online advertisement can have text, graphics, videos, animation. They get automatically popped-up when user click on some link. This is a way of promotion of an online advertisement. They can also be promoted through spam emails and social networking site. Online advertisement has an advantage that information gets published immediately. They don’t have geographic or time constraints.

Advertising agencies are responsible for reviewing the advertisement. They can’t just rely on the information provided by advertiser.

Types of Online Advertising

Display Ads:

An advertisement which is promoted through website is display ad. An advertiser uses images, animations and videos to attract large group of people using internet. Advertiser needs to pay to internet site to get a space so that they can display their ads. Advertising agencies captures user’s cookies and browser history to track their location and pages of interest. On the basis of this data collected they target consumers with ads of their interests.

Pop-Up Ads:

Pop Up Ads


Ads that automatically gets pooped-up while users browse through some sites are Po-Up ads. They are considered to be most annoying form of advertisement. They are not effective as these days users install pop-up blockers. Hover ads, floating ads and slide-in ads come under pop-up ads.

Video ads:

Video advertising is a new form of advertisement of products. It is very effective as it reaches to the right viewer and advertiser has to pay only when user choose to view the advertisement. This is more real way to promote your product. Generally when users searches for any video for songs and movie trailer then in the beginning of that video publisher insert advertisement of few seconds. Video advertisement can also be promoted through social networking site like Facebook as the publishing companies know that there they can hit a large number of people.


Email ads

Advertisement done by sending emails to potential customers is email advertisement. Companies also promote their new products and services via sending emails to their regular customers. There are some sites which in the beginning offer users to register free. Then they start give notification by sending emails weekly or monthly. A big example of Email-ads which we get emails from online shopping site. Whether you buy something or not but the moment you register with them they will start promoting their new products and send emails to those registered users.

Advantages of Online Advertising over Print Advertising:

  • Online advertising is cost effective as you need to pay only after predetermined success i.e. when users choose for it.
  • Through Online Advertising you can reach a large number of audiences online. Geographical condition is not a constraint.
  • You can easily target specific readers by tracking their geographical location and area of interest.
  • Content of the advertisement can be changed immediately. No need to wait for new edition.
  • Online advertisement can be done at a very fast rate. They can be published online the moment you want your advertisement to be campaigned.
  • Risk factor is very low. The moment you realize that your return of investment from the campaign is low you stop your advertisement.
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