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Marketing - Social media and the buzz!

Social media

VIRAL!!!! That has been the buzz word!

Off late Social media are making lot of buzz.

But should you be really worried about this viral social media campaigning?

Yes, word of mouth is the best possible advertisement any business can get. So if you can come up with a campaign that would make people share with their friends and family in twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc., then you can pat on your back for a successful campaign.

But remember it’s not going to be easy to make people share! People just doesn’t share any content. It depends lot on their behavior.

You need to come up with a contagious content blended perfectly with your campaign idea that people would spread via the social media.

Sometimes companies forget about their campaign and end up coming up with a funny video or content. That content might go viral, but eventually it wouldn’t serve any purpose if it doesn’t bring any value add to your brand!

If you are not aware, there are companies that help you to do just this. So if you have money to invest, then you can also think about outsourcing your social media marketing campaign to such an agency.

Here’s a list of few successful social media campaigns:

  • Chipotle - The Scarecrow - 14 million hits

  • Air New Zealand - The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made - 14 million hits

  • Volvo trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme - 79 million hits

  • Kmart - Show Your Joe - 18.9 million hits

  • Dove - Dove Real Beauty Sketches - 65.7 million hits

  • Evian - Baby & Me - 107 million hits

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