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Marketing - Golden tips for E-Mail Marketing!

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing will celebrate its Golden Jubilee in 2022.

With the increase in digital trends like mobile usage, people are questioning about the relevance of e-mail marketing.

However, as per marketing researchers, e-mail marketing is not yet dead. It is here to stay for some more years!

But of-course more innovations and modernization techniques are required for reaping rewards from e-mail marketing.

Here are a few quick tips for you to consider while using e-mail marketing:

If you are planning to send interactive e-mails as part of your marketing, send it at the end of the week and avoid Mondays!

According to a marketing research, e-mail click-through rates are highest on Fridays and lowest on Mondays.

Plan for the time of delivery of your e-mails.

As per marketing researchers, e-mail opens occur within an hour of delivery.

The chancing opening e-mails after 24 hours drops almost to 0%

To increase the chances of your e-mail being open and read, consider writing a catchy subject line.

Optimize your e-mails for a good look and feel in both computer browsers and mobile browsers.

Personalizing the appearance of your e-mail would give a 'feel good' feeling to the person reading it.

So do your marketing smart and reap the rewards that you deserve!


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