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Social Media – Should you POST it?!

Social Media – Should you POST it?!

This is the era of social media. Whether we like it or not, social media is everywhere. We tend to take snaps of our everyday life and post it in our social media accounts.


Sometimes, knowingly, or unknowingly, we act as the brand ambassadors to the companies we work for. This unspoken responsibility occasionally tends to do the opposite of what is expected from us.


Especially if you are in a managing or leading position, your social media posts speak volumes about your company.


So, in this social media dominant period, it is important to think twice before we post to any social media.


Always remember, “History remains as history!”. We cannot erase it, even if we want to.


Every day, we come across occasions where someone’s social media history is dug upon to create havoc for them. Even deleted posts resurface, as there are websites that keep history of certain posts.


Rethink multiple times before you post something on politics, bad jokes, insulting memes and so on.


We see many people include disclaimers like ‘Opinions are personal’, ‘Retweets are not endorsements’ etc. in their profile. But others tend to focus on your job title rather than your disclaimers.


So, it is a good practice in general to not harm your company via your social media posts. Think at least twice before you click on that POST button.



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