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How to fake yourself to success?

How to fake yourself to success?

It is pretty rare that we all like every minute of our daily work. Sometimes (or most of the time!), whether we like it or not, we have to be part of a meeting or a celebration that we hate very much.


But to be a successful professional, it is important to learn to act and fake our enthusiasm.


Say, for example, a colleague got the project that you had hoped to get. Though disappointed and resentful, you have to wish your colleague good luck courteously without showing off your anger!


What if you have to meet a client after he had given a dishonest feedback about you? Whether you like or not, you have to be polite and not show your anger to the client.


How to act?


Professional body language


Whether it is an in-person meeting or an online meeting, your body language should look assertive, in control and friendly.


Always keep your back straight. Sit straight, stand straight in an assertive but friendly manner.


Eye contact


Maintaining eye contact with your colleagues or contacts or fellow meeting attendants is a must.


If you are in an online meeting, switch on your camera and keep your attention focused on the speaker.




Always have a smiling face. Keep your smile stuck to your lips all the time (even if you don’t feel like smiling).


Expressions’ count


You may not be enjoying the discussion or the company you have, but it is important to maintain a facial expression that gives the impression that you are REALLY interested in the conversation.


So maintain a pleasant and attentive expression.




Obviously, the How-tos are not going to be easy and straightforward from day one. Hence, it is important you prepare yourselves for the act.


Try to understand why you are going to be part of this meeting or event. Ask yourself many questions.


What do they expect from me?


Why have they invited me?


Why should I attend this?


How will this help me?


Once you have understood why you want to be a part of it, give your best shot to be authentically FAKE!


Certainly, it is going to be difficult to pretend as a person whom you are not. But have deep positive thoughts for your situation. Pep up yourself, saying this acting is for your betterment.


Go prepared, fake it and succeed.



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