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SELF ENRICHMENT series - Personal GOAL setting

01. Be SMART, set your goals! - 01

Goal Setting

Welcome to this self-enrichment series. We are here to talk about Goal setting.

Before we start with goal setting, let us first understand the definition of “Goal”.

Goal is the tangible result that a person wants to achieve.

The achievement in question here can be of a shorter duration like say for example passing an exam with good credits or of a longer term like for example winning a noble prize!

But either way it is important to set goals. You might ask why!

Why should I set goals? Is it even required?

Just imagine a soccer game without goal posts, how interesting will that be? Two teams playing against each other without anything to achieve.

That doesn’t make any sense right?

Similarly to bring some meaning to your life you need to set goals.

Setting Goals brings positivity in your life

                - It directs you in the correct direction of your ambition.

                - It gives you confidence as you know what you want to do.

Now that you know about the benefits of setting goals, let us see how you can set your goals.

Goals are different from wishes!

You can wish to get a better job or you can set yourself a goal for ‘Getting a better paying job by the yearend’.

A goal should be SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results centered and Time bound.

Before we dive into the SMART goals, let us see how we can identify the goals.

Identifying your goals - Brainstorming your mind

Ask the following questions while setting your goal.

1. What? – The pointer


What do you want to achieve?

This tells you what your goal is.

2. Why? – The fuel


Why do you want to achieve this goal?

This tells you the personal benefits of your goal.

3. How? – The Strategy


How are you planning to accomplish your goal?

This tells you the milestones in achieving your final goal.

In our next part we will dissect the SMART goals and get ourselves accustomed with the concept.

Meanwhile see if your current level of understanding by taking this simple quiz.

Part 01. Quiz

1) Buy a BMW Is this a Wish or a Goal? 

Please answer the question.

2) Score over 90% on my year end exams Is this a Wish or a Goal? 

Please answer the question.

3) Get a salary rise Is this a Wish or a Goal? 

Please answer the question.

4) Start my own business Is this a Wish or a Goal? 

Please answer the question.

5) Complete the certification course by July Is this a Wish or a Goal? 

Please answer the question.

Test Results

Click the button to grade your test. Results will be displayed here.

Now that you know where you stand, stay tuned to read more on SMART Goals.


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