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Learn to say NO

Say No

Saying NO politely is an important business skill.

In many situations, doing so will set you free.

The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything. - Warren Buffet

If you earn a reputation of being generous and saying Yes to all requests, you will end up with the task of pleasing people rather than doing business.

So, before agreeing to another commitment, pause for a while and THINK.

Ask yourselves questions like,

Is it really an opportunity?

Will it be profitable?

What will I lose if I don’t take it up?

If your answers tells you this is not an ideal opportunity for you, then politely say a NO.

Say it graciously

Instead of declining directly like,

“I can’t do it!”

say something gracefully like,

“My schedule is pretty tight and I may not be able to finish this for you on time” 

To conclude, saying NO might be difficult but it is a very POWERFUL two lettered word. It will shield you from taking up and doing tasks that may not be profitable.

So start saying NO today!

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