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Five Minutes Technology - Using NoSQL(MongoDB) with django framework via djongo - Step by step tutorial with video and images

Five Minutes Technology - Django


If you are a django developer, you know that the framework doesn’t support NoSQL databases directly.

There’s a spin-off NoSQL-django framework but that project is not in-sync with the core django project. The NoSQL-django project still uses django 1.x version whereas django has officially released 2.1.3 version.

But thanks to an open-source developer, all our woes has gone in the wind.

Now, there’s a package available for django – MongoDB connectivity. It is precisely named as djongo (Since it connects django and MongoDB).



Here’s the step by step guide for using djongo with django.


Let’s start from the scratch!

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Setting up the environment:

If you don’t have python installed, get it installed from www.python.org


Install MongoDB from https://www.mongodb.com/download-center?jmp=nav


Make sure you have python in your path. You can check it by opening command prompt / terminal and typing

python –V


Getting started with django

If you want to run your django project in a virtual environment, you need to install python’s virtual environment.

To do so, open command prompt or terminal and type

[ If you don't want a virtual environment, skip to installing django ]

pip install virtualenvwrapper-win


If you are not already in your django root directory, go to the project directory or create the project directory.

mkdir django
cd django


Create your virtual environment

mkvirtualenv chillzeeProject


Install django

pip install django

Five Minutes Technology - Using MongoDB with Django framework via Djongo


Check the django installation

django-admin –version

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