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Standardization - Data analysis

Aims for standardization

The general aims for standardization follow from the definition of standardization.

The aims for standardization are as follows: to make a product, process or service fit for its purpose, controlling variety by using the optimum number of types or sizes, ensuring compatibility of various products, health, safety, protection of the environment, etc.


Product standard

Standard that specifies requirements to be fulfilled by a product or a group of products, to establish its fitness for purpose.
NOTE 1: A product standard may include in addition to the fitness for purpose requirements, directly or by reference, aspects such as terminology, sampling, testing, packaging and labeling and, sometimes, processing requirements.
NOTE 2: A product standard can be either complete or not, according to whether it specifies all or only a part of the necessary requirements. In this respect, one may differentiate between standards such as dimensional, material, and technical delivery standards.

Process Standard

Standard that specifies requirements to be fulfilled by a process, to establish its fitness for purpose.

Standardization being a dynamic process, standard gets updated with development of new technologies. Therefore any technology transfer taking place with reference to standards provide for continued updation.

  • Statistical principles,
  • Codification system,
  • Variety control and
  • Value engineering are the techniques for standardization.

Variety Reduction

  • Variety rationalization is a standardization effort. The process has over the years evolved in the form of techniques by itself. In the final analysis all standardization can be said to rest as variety reduction.
  • Variety control does not mean reducing everything in to “one” leaving no choice for the User community.
  • Standardization, instead of having ten different types of materials or components, it is decided to standardize into one type. The result is an elimination of nine types. This is called Variety Reduction.
  • Standardization - Reduces variety among a group of product or parts.

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