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Entrepreneur vs Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneur vs Entrepreneurship

Do you know the difference between Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship?

The term entrepreneur is used to depict men and women who launch and run their own business.

The process involved is called entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is an abstraction while entrepreneurs are tangible people.

Entrepreneurship is a process and an entrepreneur is a person.

Entrepreneurship is the result of complex socio-economic, psychological and other factors.

Entrepreneur is the key individual, central to entrepreneurship who makes things happen.

Entrepreneur is the actor, entrepreneurship is the act.

Entrepreneurship is the most effective way of bridging the gap between science and the market place by creating new enterprises.

An entrepreneur is the catalyst who brings about this change.

Here's the short summary of the difference.

Entrepreneur  Entrepreneurship
Person Process
Abstraction Tangible people
Key individual who makes things happen Result of the process
Actor Act
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